Friday, October 18, 2013

charette next tuesday

Dear All,
Thank you for your submission. P.S: I haven't received anything from the water group yet.

You need to build for your final presentation the following maps:

mobility group:
map of beirut showing islands
map of beirut showing roads/barriers
comparative analysis of beirut/car ownership
better diagrams for time/distance and private public.
what is your proposed strategy?

energy group:
clearer diagramming between existing/ proposed.

guys, i think your group is officially renamed to -trade.
please visit port of beirut statistics page and complete your comparative analysis of income/ships/physical port space and maritime/land network.

production/distribution and consumption diagrams are still not clear.

good progress, visualize the landfills in terms of land gained.
whose plan is this? what are its shortcomings?
what is your proposal?

Please all bring your laptops on tuesday, as it will be a working session to help you diagram effectively your information for the final presentation.


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