Part 1: theory and practice

The purpose of this assignment is to first develop an understanding of spaces of flows/network culture through key readings and to analyze emerging practices that are radicalizing work culture, their organization and network reach. In a group of two, the students will critically present reading.

Space of flows phenomenons: worldwide Google campuses, entrepreneurship hubs, knowledge cities, hackatons, innovation incubators, startup accelerators; crowdfunding, rapid prototyping production centers, co-design, advanced services

Selected Readings:
·   Picon, Antoine. The city in the digital sprawl.
·   Rem Koolhaas, "'Life in the Metropolis' or "The Culture of Congestion,'" K. Michael Hays, Architecture Theory Since 1968 (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1998), 320-331.
·   Manuel Castells "The Space of Flows, Space of Places: Materials for a Theory of Urbanism" in Graham, Cybercities Reader, 82-93.
·   Richard Florida, "The Creative Class,' in The Rise of the Creative Class (New York: Basic Books, 2002), 1-17, 67-82.
·   Kazys Varnelis, "Network Culture," Kazys Varnelis, ed. Networked Publics, (The MIT Press, 2007)
·   Stephen Graham, Splintering Urbanism Exerpts.
·   Malcolm Gladwell, “The Coolhunt,” New Yorker (March 17, 1997), 78-88,

Part 2: mapping

The second part of this assignment investigates material and virtual networks embedded in the Greater Beirut area:
Fresh water,
waste/waste water,
telecommunication density,
social networks
learning and creativity,
immigration of intellectual human capital,
trade and markets (import/export),
business patterns,
Through diagrams and mappings, students will research, analyze, and deconstruct the dynamics of such networks and their impact within and beyond the physical structure of the city/country/region.
Based on their analysis, students will identify issues, and suggest strategies for their studied networks.

Deliverables and Due Date:
Part 1: powerpoint presentation due oct 03, 2013
Part 2: diagrams and powerpoint presentation due oct 10, 2013
Workshop: October 17.

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