Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Final Review Deliverables

Final Review Deliverables
Due Date: 31 January, 12.30 pm sharp ( reviewed before pinup)

6 A0 portrait pinned on three vertical boards.
Student Name+ Project Name + Small concept note + Main Collage (1/2 board)
Site Analysis (1/2 board)
o 1/2000 cad map showing site location in Bourj Hammoud waterfront.
o 1/1000 cad map showing site context with access and boundaries.
o views , obstacles, photomontages, mapping.
Program Analysis (1/2 board)
Concept Diagrams (1/2 board)
Systems Diagrams: diagrams detailing the project anatomy (1/2 board)
o Program + Circulation
o Structure + Skin
o Open Space + car/pedestrian access
Project Drawings (3 Boards)
o 1/500 Site Plan (+ existing context, surrounding buildings and site landscape)
o 1/250 detailed plans ( with hatched wall thickness, glass, furniture, landscape , site limits, north, scale, slopes and staircases signs, voids)
o 1/250 longitudinal & transversal sections (+ existing context and site landscape)
o 1/250 main elevations
o 1/50 detail

Perspectives, Sectional Perspectives, More collages (1/2 board)
o all previous models
o 1/250 detailed building model .
o 1/500 site model with building massing model.

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